Rare Trades, once taught by master to apprentice, are hand skills of olde, used to make functional, useful, beautiful things that last.

Taxidermist: Natalie, of Rest in Pieces

 Rest in Pieces is based in Northcote, Victoria.

Natalie Delaney-John has traveled far and wide to learn the art of taxidermy, receiving mentorship by some of the world’s best in these rare skills. Now an awarded taxidermist herself, Nat and her team present Rest in Pieces, offering taxidermy, skeletal articulation and entomology workshops – unique opportunities to get up close and hands-on with age-old practices that remain macabre to some, yet strangely beautiful to others.

You can contact Nat about your preservation projects, nature revival requirements, or to book a workshop and experience these fascinating skills yourself. 
You can also see her work on Facebook  @RareTradesAustralia

Phone: 0487 933 828
Also find @RestInPiecesTaxidermy on Instagram.

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DECEMBER EVENT: Victorian Pennyfarthing Championships

December 3  2017

Show n Shine
Swap Meet
General hooning on a big wheel!!
Check out the website to find out more:
  Geelong West, VIC.

NOVEMBER EVENT: Make your own rocking horse

November 4-7  2017

 Over the course of 4 days you will learn to make a rocking horse.
By using traditional tools and techniques,
 you will hand carve your own rocking horse
 Check out the website to find out more:
  Leongatha, VIC.

SEPTEMBER EVENT: Shapparton's Annual Heritage Weekend

September 3, 2017

Adrian Holland's belt driven oldtime printing press will be demonstrating at this event. 
This is Shepparton's annual Father's Day heritage rally event and Market Day.
Follow the link to check it out. 
If you are a Rtradie in that region yourself, perhaps express interest for next year, 
as this is an annual event.

Shepparton's Annual Heritage Weekend
Emerald Bank, Victoria.

AUGUST EVENT: International Specialist Skills Forum

August 9, 2017
The aim of this forum is to foster understanding about why the preservation of heritage and rare trades is critical for Australia’s future. 
There will also be the launch of a very important initiative for raretradesfolk.  
Check out the website to find out more:
  Carlton, Vic.

conservation care: Endangered Heritage

Endangered Heritage is based in Fyshwick, ACT. 

They deliver conservation care to National institutions and private individuals all over Australia by providing personalized, specific advice on preserving, repairing and conserving whatever sentimental and valuable artefacts matter to you. Ceramic, wood, furniture, metal, textiles, paper, books or paintings - they have specialist skills to help. 

They care for precious things whilst keeping the original provenance, so the piece doesn’t lose its authenticity. Endangered Heritage also supplies materials for archival preservation, storage items, advice, and conservation pigments and tools for creative folks to make their work last. They deliver regular preservation workshops and information sessions too. 

You can see them on the directory Facebook page 
Ph: 02 6282 8386 
Email: enquiries@endangeredheritage.com
Website: Endangeredheritage.com 

Address: 8 Paragon Mall 8-20 Gladstone st Fyshwick ACT

NOVEMBER EVENT: Spoonjam 2017

November 25, 26  2017

A real treat for spoonerds;
 a little festival dedicated to the traditional
and beautiful art of hand carved wooden spoons.
This year there may also be 'the best carver in the spooniverse' attending.
Check out the website to find out more:
  Pambula, NSW.

OCTOBER EVENT: Timeline Festival

October 28, 29  2017
Timeline brings up to 300 re-enactors covering all periods of history
 from the dark ages through to WW2.
There will be traditional trades there, 
and entertainment for all the family to enjoy.
  Kryal Castle, Ballarat, Victoria.

OCTOBER EVENT: padlock making workshop

October 14, 2017

The Keyhole Surgeon Locksmith

Learn how to make your very own 
Jacksons lever padlock and hand cut a key, 
and take it all home with you! 

Check out the website to find out more:
  Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne, Vic.

MAY EVENT: Melbourne Knife Show

May 6, 7  2017

  View and purchase some of the finest hand made knives in Australia 
by some of the best Australian makers.

Check out the website to find out more:
  Attwood, Victoria.

SEPTEMBER EVENT: St. Ives Medieval Faire

September 23,24  2017

Our directory Rtradie, Tim Schloss, will be there
and we have heard it's a bonza event.  
Looks like fun, so if you are in the area, follow the link and check it out:

 St Ives, NSW.

AUGUST EVENT: Sydney Knife Show

August 5,6
The Sydney Knife Show is Australia’s largest knife show, 
featuring a diverse array of knives, tools and supplies 
from manufacturers, knifemakers, collectors, dealers 
and associated industries all under one roof.
Follow the link. Make a plan. Go there:

Sydney Knife Show
  Rosehill, NSW.

AUGUST EVENT: Padlock making workshop

August 5, 2017

Learn how to make your very own 
Jacksons lever padlock and hand cut a key, 
and take it all home with you! 

Check out the website to find out more:
  Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne, Vic.

APRIL EVENT: The End festival in NSW

April 21-23
Observe craftspeople making beautiful objects during the festival. Watch people using traditional tools, spooncarving, weaving and doing leather work, straw marquetry furniture, eco-printing and historic photography.
 Follow the link:
Hill End, NSW.

APRIL EVENT: 16th Historical Machinery Rally

 April 21-23
The 16th National Historical Machinery Rally 
is being held in Hamilton this month.
If you use, repair, restore or just admire stationary engines, 
tractors, machinery and vehicles, then this is definitely for you.
 Follow the link:

Hamilton, Victoria.